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Is Mediation Right For You?

Because no two cases we handle are exactly the same, it makes sense that the best way to resolve one legal matter is not the same for another. At Townsend Law Firm, located in Orange and Beaumont, attorney Townsend prepares and is always ready to go to court. He also understands that under certain circumstances mediation can be an effective way to resolve a legal matter.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is way to resolve a wide range of disputes that does not involve a trial in front of judge. Instead, the conflicting parties meet with an impartial third party. That person — the mediator — helps them to work through the matter at issue. In the course of the mediation each party gets to share their side of the story and then work together to reach a resolution that works for both parties.

Why Might Mediation Be A Good Option?

There are many reasons why mediation could be a good way for you to resolve your legal matter including:

  • Confidentiality — Unlike a court proceeding where information shared will be part of the court record, mediations are confidential. Depending on the source of the conflict this could be particularly appealing.
  • Time — Cases that are litigated require a lot of time to reach a conclusion. Mediation does not require the same preparatory phases, such as depositions, which means that a resolution may be reached much faster than when a case goes to trial.
  • Cost — The more time a lawyer spends working on your case, the greater the expense that accumulates. Because evidence does not play the same role in mediations and they take less time to resolve, mediating is generally a less expensive way to resolve a conflict.
  • Less stress — For most people the reduction of time and cost spent resolving a legal matter results in less stress for all involved. In many cases this is the most appealing aspect of the method of alternative resolution.

Learn More About Mediation

To speak to a mediator about how mediation might work for you call Townsend Law Firm at 409-233-0773, or send an email.