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Get The Insurance Benefits You Need To Repair Hail Damage

Property insurance exists for a reason — to provide financial help after a storm or other incident that causes property damage. Unfortunately, when facing hail damage, many property owners struggle to get their insurance companies to cooperate. Having a legitimate insurance claim denied is frustrating — especially when all you want is to repair the damage to your property.

Located in Beaumont and Orange, Texas, Townsend Law Firm forces insurance companies to play fair. Townsend Law Firm is an experienced insurance litigation lawyer. He knows the techniques claims adjusters use to try to minimize payments. He will fight to get you the compensation you need to repair your property.

Was Your Property Damaged By Hail? Get The Benefits You Need To Repair It.

Large storms with heavy hail can wreak havoc on homes, commercial properties and other structures. Common damage caused by hail includes:

  • Roof damage, including missing or broken shingles, dented gutters and vents, leaks
  • Siding damage, such as dents, cracks and discoloration
  • Window damage, including broken or cracked panes

Roof damage is one of the most common issues property owners face after a hailstorm. Insurance companies often claim a new roof is not needed. Instead, stating it will only pay for patching shingles. This is not acceptable. Replacing a few shingles will not make a roof water- and weatherproof. In addition, new shingles rarely match existing ones. When the patched portions of the roof are visible, homes and commercial buildings look strange and property values can decline.

You do not have to accept the first offer your insurance company makes. Instead, consult with an experienced insurance litigation attorney who will give you an honest assessment of your claim.

For more than 22 years, attorney Townsend Law Firm has been representing homeowners, apartment complex owners and other commercial property owners throughout Orange County in claims against their insurers. Townsend Law Firm will help you get the repairs you really need — not just the ones your insurance company will pay for.

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