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Can Tailgaters Be Held Accountable When They Cause Accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Tailgating ranks as more than an aggressive driver’s rude behavior. Tailgating reflects an incredible dangerous moving violation that could cause a horrific accident. If tailgating causes a crash on a Texas road, the victims might have a strong civil case against the negligent driver.

Tailgating remains reckless behavior

One essential point about tailgating is the action remains a moving violation in Texas. The language in section 545.062 of the Texas transportation code states drivers should keep a safe distance between cars, taking traffic, road conditions, and the types of vehicles into consideration. Those who violate the statute may receive a ticket for driving too close.

Tailgating typically involves an impatient driver coming too close behind a slower-moving vehicle. The combination of tailgating and using the car’s horn usually seeks to intimidate the other driver into changing lanes or moving onto the shoulder. In other words, the aggressive driver attempts to force another driver to get out of the way.

Danger levels increase dramatically when someone tailgates. No one knows what can happen on the road. If the vehicle in front has to stop to avoid an accident, the tailgating driver might not be able to do the same. A serious rear-end collision may happen.

Moving violations, recklessness and liabilities

Rear-end collisions might not even be the only examples of motor vehicle accidents involving tailgating. Forcing a driver into another lane where the accident occurs might bounce back on the tailgater. After all, the tailgater’s actions may contribute to the crash from a legal perspective.

A moving violation may extend significant credibility to a liability claim. If an illegal action caused the crash, the moving violation might establish negligence. Victims could seek compensation in court or explore insurance settlement options.