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Texas remains a dangerous place for stalled vehicles

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Uncategorized |

A car might operate without any problems and then cease operating. A seized engine from an oil leak, a worn-out starter, or other mechanical issues could leave a car stranded on a Texas road. Some drivers might just run out of gas. No matter the reason, anyone operating an unexpectedly disabled vehicle may face severe dangers since Texas has a high rate of stalled vehicle-related accidents.

Disabled vehicles and dangers

When a vehicle stalls, it can’t get out of the way of other cars. In low-light situations, another vehicle might not see the disabled car until too late. Worse, a driver may not notice someone exiting the vehicle and strike the person.

And Texas remains the most dangerous state when it comes to disabled vehicles. 263 people lost their lives between 2015 and 2019 when they were outside a disabled vehicle. Sadly, first responders, tow truck operators, and other professionals face deadly dangers when performing their duties on a roadside.

Negligence and stalled vehicles

Stalled vehicles may result in deadly car accidents when another driver is too distracted to see the car or travels at an unsafe speed. When these or other negligent actions lead to a car crash, the negligent party may face a lawsuit.

Vehicle owners may find it beneficial to stay on top of routine maintenance and avoid delaying repairs. Driving a vehicle at risk for a breakdown might put the driver and occupants in danger. Regardless, other drivers must avoid negligent behavior. So, while the disabled vehicle’s owner may be at fault for the stopped car, another driver could face legal action if negligent behavior caused a crash.