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Dealing with your teen’s first car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you have a teenager just starting to drive in Texas, you may benefit from learning about how to deal with the aftermath of their first car accident. The first accident can be traumatic for the teenager and stressful for the parents. Learning more about what to do after an accident can help reduce everyone’s stress when these unfortunate incidents happen on the road. The more prepared the teenager is, the better off your family will be.

Before they head out

Some insurers offer mobile apps so that drivers can access a digital copy of their insurance quickly if they need to. These apps also have the contact information for your insurance agent. You should make sure the insurance card and registration are in the vehicle before the teenager leaves. The new driver should also be comfortable using the camera on their mobile phone to document any damage caused by a car accident.

After the accident

If the teenager calls you after an accident, the first thing to do is find out if anyone is hurt. If someone was injured in a car accident, have them contact 911 emergency services to get help immediately. Next, you want to make sure the teen is safe and stays out of harm’s way while on the roadside. They should turn the hazard lights on, exit the vehicle and stand in a safe spot on the shoulder.

Dealing with the aftermath

Once the teenager is safe, have them call the police right away. If the accident is minor and the police don’t come, the teenager may need to file a police report themselves. Have the police call you afterward to record any pertinent details you need. The drivers should exchange information, and your teenager should take photos of the damage. Enter the information into the insurance app or contact the insurance agent to begin the claims process.

Your teen’s first car accident can be frightening. However, you can calmly talk them through all the steps they need to follow.