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City roads vs rural roads for accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Auto accidents happen across Texas in a many different scenarios. While many collisions do occur in urban areas and the many small communities in the state, accidents also commonly occur in rural areas where emergency technicians can have difficulty locating and actually getting to the scene in a timely manner. Accidents that happen out in the Texas countryside can be some of the worst crashes experienced on the roadways too, as roads are typically curvy and have blind spots in multiple locations along the way.

City accidents

Accidents that happen in cities often occur at much lower rates of speed than on the open road, but injuries suffered from these urban incidents can still be very serious according to many Texas attorneys who represent victims of in-town car accidents. Even low-impact collisions can result in significant neck injuries such as whiplash or even back injuries when passengers are contorted in any involved vehicles.

Rural accidents

Car accidents that occur out in the Texas countryside can actually be more serious than urban collisions, as they often happen at increased rates of speed on highways that have not been well designed or maintained. Highway upgrade attention is typically focused on city highway systems with higher population density. Additionally, these accidents happen in isolated areas in many cases, which takes EMT personnel considerably longer to reach. Time matters when lives need saving, and this problem has prompted attention from the state with additional repair funding possibly being made available through the new federal infrastructure bill passed by Congress and signed into law.

All Texas motorists should pay close attention when driving in rural areas within the state. Accidents can happen faster than many drivers realize, and it is difficult to know what dangers are looming along the road in unfamiliar territory. Always be cautious when driving in the country.