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Labor Day Weekend brings car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Labor Day is very much like other holidays when it comes to a major increase in highway traffic throughout Texas. Along with that increased traffic flow there comes the inherent dangers that also result in an uptick in the number of accidents as Texans and tourists hit the roads in abundance. Labor Day is actually one of the deadliest holidays of the year on the highways, and statistics from the National Safety Council that estimates beforehand what the potential number increases may be according to factors surrounding the weekend that begins on Friday afternoon and ends on Monday night each year.

Important factors in Labor Day accidents

While there is a typical increase in the number of car accidents during the holidays as opposed to a non-holiday weekend, there are some common factors with many collisions and associated injuries. One of those primary factors is the use of seatbelts, as the NSC says the restraining devices are 45% effective in saving lives when used. There are many who suffer fatal injuries while wearing them, but many other fatalities have resulted from failing to use them properly. In addition, distracted driving has also become a very serious factor in many crashes.

Accident avoidance

There are some steps motorists may take to avoid being involved in a Labor Day mishap, beginning with leaving for a destination well before the intended arrival. Many accidents happen when drivers are in a rush to get to a destination, which can lead to making questionable driving decisions while behind the wheel. Observing all speed limits as much as possible is important because many accidents include a factor of excessive speed or reckless driving. Additionally, avoiding any cellphone use while driving is also recommended for avoiding car accidents.

Labor Day is indeed a very enjoyable time for many as communities hold special events for residents. But, it is vital to arrive intact after safely commuting to and from any destination.