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Can these four mistakes hurt your car accident claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Uncategorized |

After a serious motor vehicle accident, a Texas resident may be nervous about what they should do to get back on their feet. If the require medical treatment to heal their bodies and time off from work to recuperate, they may worry about having enough money to make ends meet while they recover. They may have options under the law to seek the recovery of their damages through personal injury litigation.

Unfortunately, however, some victims commit serious mistakes that jeopardize their chances of getting damages from their accident-related lawsuits. This post will discuss 4 such mistakes that accident victims should avoid to protect their legal rights. No part of this post, though, should be read as legal advice.

Mistake #1: Waiting too long to file a lawsuit

It may seem surprising, but personal injury claims such as those arising out of car accidents can be barred if they initiate proceedings too long after the accidents occurred. The statute of limitations for personal injury actions in Texas is 2 years. If a claim is waited on for more than 2 years, the victim may not be able to pursue it.

Mistake #2: Making false statements about the accident

The words and actions that individuals put forth after a car crash can be used as evidence in their future personal injury claims. For example, when a victim says, “It’s my fault” after a crash even if it was not their wrongdoing may be used to prevent them from collecting damages. Truthful statements should always be made following motor vehicle accidents.

Mistake #3: handling legal matters on their own

Going to court and filing the right paperwork to have a personal injury case heard can be confusing. It can be especially hard for a person who has suffered losses and is worried about their future. Personal injury lawyers can help their clients make sense of their legal options and seek the best possible outcomes from their cases.

Mistake #4: Settling without proper consideration

It can be tempting to take a settlement offer when it arrives after a car accident. Many victims need money to get back on their feet and settlements provide them with some compensation without having to go to court. Unfortunately, settlements also preclude victims from later suing on their claims if they require more compensation to be made fully whole. Settlements can be useful for some personal injury victims but limiting for others.

These are only a few of the mistakes that victims can make after suffering losses in motor vehicle accidents. It is important that victims protect their interests and have the best possible information on which to make decisions about their cases. Their personal injury attorneys can advise them of how best to move their legal matters forward.