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Cell reprogramming could redefine spinal cord injury treatment

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2021 | Uncategorized |

New medical advances provide promise to those who have suffered serious injuries in a car accident. Recently on the blog we discussed a new computer program that could help diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries. Now medical professionals believe that it may be possible to reprogram certain cells in the body to assist in the recovery from a spinal cord injury.

The science behind reprogramming

The science underlying cell reprogramming isn’t the easiest to understand, but essentially what happens is scientists create a vehicle to deliver a gene to a cell that helps support neurons in the spinal cord. This then turns on genes that are related to stem cells that are becoming neurons. In essence, the new technology would help turn on neurons that assist in processes like walking and thinking while turning down neurons that trigger problems like seizures. While a lot of spinal cord injury research has focused on rebuilding the damaged arms of neurons, this research seeks to go around that problem to find new ways of slowing injury progression and rebuilding neural connections.

Be open to new opportunities

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a car or truck accident, then you should try to stay informed of new medical treatments that could ease your pain and suffering and give you a chance to strengthen your recovery. We know that this isn’t easy to do. After all, you have enough going on in your personal life. But by speaking with your medical professional, you might be able to take advantage of treatment options that you weren’t even aware of previously.

Recover the finances you need to further recovery

We know that recovering from a catastrophic injury is costly, and more than just in a financial nature. That’s why if you’ve been hurt at the hands of a negligent driver, then you may want to discuss your circumstances with an experienced personal injury attorney. Perhaps then you can develop the strong legal arguments that you need to position yourself for success and the most robust recovery possible under the circumstances.