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Am I required to call the police after a car accident in Texas?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Uncategorized |

When there is an auto accident in Texas, people will be worried and fearful as to what the future holds. This is especially true if there were injuries or fatalities. Regardless of the details of the incident, there are certain fundamental requirements that people are legally required to adhere to. It is imperative for every driver to understand this. That goes for people who are adults and middle-aged professionals just as much as it does for teens who are relatively new to the road and are likelier to be scared and make mistakes after an accident. A primary requirement for driving in the state is to know what must be done after an accident has happened and whether the police need to be called.

Drivers have certain duties after being involved in an auto accident

Under Texas law, drivers are obligated to perform certain duties after there has been a crash. When there has been an accident that might end with injury or death, the driver must stop after the crash or return to the scene. He or she must then assess the situation and see if the other party needs assistance. Then, that person is required to remain at the scene until exchanging personal information, insurance cards and calling for emergency help as needed.

Failure to follow the law can lead to fines. This depends on the damage to the vehicles. If it is worth less than $200 in total, it will be a Class C misdemeanor. If it is $200 or more, then it will be a Class B misdemeanor. The vehicle itself must be safe to drive before those involved in the crash can leave the scene. If a vehicle needs to be towed, it obviously cannot be driven safely. It must be able to operate as it does normally.

The police must be called immediately if there is an auto accident and people are injured or killed or the damage is so severe that the vehicle cannot be operated safely. Once the police arrive, they will assess the accident, determine the circumstances and craft a written report on their department’s form. All personal information of those involved must be given to the officer along with statements detailing their versions of what occurred.

Adhering to the law is imperative after an auto accident

In the aftermath of car accidents, people may be confused and unsure of what they should do. In some instances, they are injured in some way. The injuries might be serious or could be less clear. Having a police report is a way to add a level of certainty to the evidence. This goes beyond following the law by calling for law enforcement and extends to having a written record with police witnesses to verify the events. This may be critical when considering a legal filing to recover for what was lost in the accident. For assistance and advice with these and other matters related to an accident, having professional guidance can be beneficial from the start.