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Drunk driving laws serve an important purpose

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Uncategorized |

From a young age, Texas children learn that drunk driving is dangerous. They are taught that alcohol can make it hard for a driver to make safe driving decisions and to keep control of their vehicle. They learn that drunk driving can lead to deadly crashes and that innocent victims can lose their lives in preventable accidents.

As they age, though, too many drivers forget the lessons of their youth and make the deadly mistake to drink and drive. This post will discuss the importance of drunk driving laws from the perspective of what alcohol actually does to the body. By examining the effects that alcohol can have on the body, readers can better understand why drunk driving prohibitions exist and how litigation based on drunk driving accidents can be limited.

Alcohol and the human body

Alcohol does not just affect one part of the body. It spreads through the human system and alters the way a person acts and reacts. For example, alcohol can change the acuity of a driver’s vision as well as the ways that they perceive color. It can decrease a driver’s ability to make good judgments about conditions around them, and may slow their reaction times to obstructions and hazards.

Alcohol can alter a person’s risk aversion and make them less careful. A driver who is drunk may be unable to focus and unable to mitigate a possible crash with a proper reaction. The impact of alcohol on the body can begin with a driver’s first drink, and that is why drunk driving laws apply to low blood alcohol concentrations.

Victims’ options after drunk driving accidents

When a victim is harmed in a crash with a drunk driver, they may suffer serious injuries. Their losses may prevent then from working and may keep them from caring for the people they love. They may require extensive medical treatment to heal and to get back to living their normal lives.

Drunk driving is dangerous and individuals who engage in the practice can be held liable for the harm they inflict on others. Victims do not have to figure out their rights on their own. They can contact personal injury attorneys they trust for help processing and understanding their legal options.