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Computer program helps diagnose and treat TBIs

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Dangers are met on the roadways whether one is a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. Even when traffic rules are followed in Texas and elsewhere, one could suffer severe injuries in an accident because this does not protect one from another negligent party. Some of the most severe accident injuries are a result of an automobile collision, and when a victim suffers from one, such as a brain jury, the treatment and recovery process can be extensive and overwhelming. Thus, it is imperative that accident victims gain a full perspective of the injury itself.

Post TBI treatment

The treatment plans prescribed following a traumatic brain injury could vary greatly and are dependent on the type and severity of the brain injury. According to recent studies, medical professionals believe that a new “digital head” could help doctors not only diagnose a brain injury more accurately but also aid them in prescribing the best treatment to help the patient recover.

Digital head

Researchers have developed a computer modeling software that simulates the brain as well as how it reacts to certain trauma. This model can help distinguish was happens to the brain at a cellular level during and after a trauma, helping them determine where the injury occurred. The most important factor with this new program is not just the fact that it can help diagnose brain injuries but that it can accurately determine the actual location of the brain injury.

This information can be vital, as it not only helps establish the severity and location of the brain injury, but it can aid in the treatment plan. It can give medical professionals a clearer picture of the injury and the recovery road ahead.

The aftermath of a traumatic brain injury can be challenging and devastating. It is not an easy injury to live with, but many victims of a TBI can heal from it, even making a full recovery. Whether one can recovery from a TBI or lives with the effects of the injury the rest of his or her life, an accident victim could seek compensation through a personal injury action for the injury and losses suffered. This civil action could hold a negligent motorist liable, helping the victim address medical bills, lost wages and other related losses.