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Drugged driving is a dangerous practice

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Campaigns to prevent and end drunk driving through the United States have been prevalent for decades. When interest groups learned how alcohol could impact drivers and their ability to safely operate vehicles, legislation and regulation became widespread to curtail the dangerous occurrences of drunk driving. Drinking and driving in Texas is sanctionable under the law.

However, alcohol is not the only substance that can cause a driver to suffer impairments while operating their automobile. Drugs, both illicit and over the counter, can impact how a driver reacts and acts while driving. This post offers no legal advice but discusses how drugged driving can cause and create dangerous accidents on Texas roads.

What is drugged driving?

Like alcohol, different legal and illegal drugs can have profound effects on drivers’ capacities to function in their vehicles. For example, marijuana in a driver’s system can cause them to suffer disorientation and drowsiness while operating their car. Morphine and heroin can cause drivers to experience euphoria and hallucinations, which can prevent drivers from making responsible decisions.

Drugged driving is a widespread problem. Some drivers may not know that they are putting themselves and others in danger when they get into their cars after taking medications. Medications like decongestants and antidepressants can alter drivers’ alertness and sedate them while they are in their vehicles.

How to prevent drugged driving accidents

Drivers have a responsibility to avoid driving when they cannot safely do so, and that can include when they are under the influence of legal or illegal drugs. Finding a ride or giving the keys to one’s car to a sober driver can help prevent a dangerous and potentially life-altering drugged driving accident.

Not all drugged drivers make good decisions, though. Too many accidents happen on Texas roads due to drivers who elect to operate their vehicles when they are affected by substances. When drugged driving accidents cause injuries and losses, personal injury attorneys can support victims with legal advice and guidance.